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The major goals of e-health and telemedicine today are to develop next-generation telehealth tools and technologies to enhance healthcare delivery to medically underserved populations using telecommunication technology, to increase access to medical specialty services while decreasing healthcare costs, and to provide training of healthcare providers, clinical trainees, and students in health-related fields.

Telehealth & real time monitoring

Telehealth & real time monitoring

Telehealth holds great potential for reducing the variability of diagnoses as well as improving clinical management and delivery of health care services worldwide by enhancing access, quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness

E-Learning & Collaborative solutions

E-Learning & Collaborative solutions

We develop modules and functionalities for e-learning platforms. Adaptation of graphic design, reporting module, course catalog, integration with payment gateways and Paypal module, student enrollment...

Telehealth solutions Reporting solutions
Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

We have a vast experience in designing and engineering mobile apps. We design and develop applications for the market mainstream platforms so that the impact of your business idea is consistent with the current times.

Data management, business intelligence & Big Data

Data management, business intelligence & Big Data

We provide innovative solutions by applying deep data analysis. Our methodology combines advanced analytical techniques and machine learning algorithms to manage large volumes of data, discover hidden trends and patterns.

Adhera offers software engineering, taking the original concept through design, implementation up to support and maintenance

Our team design, develop and deliver high quality solutions
as our customers' trusted partner

Adhera Lead Programmer & iOS Analyst

David de Tena


Adhera CEO & Founder

José M. Santos


Adhera Cloud Engineer and AWS architect

Ramón Alberti


Adhera Marketing Director & Senior Programmer

José M. Gálvez


Adhera Full-Stack Developer

Alex García


iOS Developer

Cristian Espinosa


Our methodology - Agile Development

Customer satisfaction by rapid, continuous delivery of useful and powerful software.


Our Technology Consulting is a path we follow closely with each client individually. In order to get a desired outcome we explore and analize the client needs and requirements.


We do suggest different approaches, determine the most optimal one, and then implement the best possible solution that is delivered within client's budget, availability and technical resources.


We train our clients to actively participate in the project, thus reducing unknowns and making the overall process more efficient. Our Clients are aware of every detail every step of the way.

Adhera Agile Development

Our methodology promotes and requires that functionalities with higher business for our clients value are done first.


One of our strengths is transparency, we base our development on Agile to make the project less cumbersome from a communication point of view. Everything is discussed out as a united team. Times and costs associated with every step are discussed openly.


What more can we offer?

We use the latest technologies and tools to deliver our solutions within predefined budget and requirements


Innovative system virtualization solutions to maximize productivity

Virtualization technology increases efficiency in your data center by allowing existing servers to run multiple applications and operating systems. Workloads are implemented faster, availability and performance and improve operations are automated, thereby simplifying the management of IT infrastructure, which is easier to implement and less expensive to acquire and operate. In Adhera we offer different virtualization solutions tailored according to your needs.


Bespoke management solutions

The demand of management solutions for companies and institutions continues to grow. Despite the large supply in the market, companies need appropriate software to manage their activities and generally, such software does not exist, you have to design it. That's where Adhera brings great strength, because we offer our knowledge base and experience to implement innovative solutions to cover their needs.

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Our commitment is to create and deliver complete products, from their design to their deployment, including planning, architecture, problem-solving, support, and the establishment of a work methodology.

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